Yes, it is true that using nicotine will eventually kill a smoker’s life. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. Some books, magazine and medical journals have written that taking around 60mg is sufficient enough to kill an average adult. In terms of a normal cigarette, it is same as smoking 40 to 50 fags within a short period of time. This is a lot of nicotine to ingest.

A smoker should keep in mind few points:-

1)    One should always keep the nicotine refill and the customizers out of reach from the children. Kids are more susceptible to potential nicotine poising.

2)    A smoker should always make sure he buys the nicotine from a certified vendor or supplier.

The absence of nicotine in the electronic cigarette is what makes the nicotine liquid refill a popular buy. All companies try to make nicotine refill look very attractive to the user. That is the main strategy in the business. To make it look delicious as well as attractive. Few bottles are there as a handy bottle. With the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes, liquid or juice nicotine refills for the product are becoming very common in households across the globe. Refilling nicotine takes place in a well-equipped lab under proper vigilance. A layman cannot try this at home. This is lucrative business whole worldwide. The final product goes overseas. Four different types of flavour are available in the market. Producers are coming up with different flavours. Within few years a smoker will be spoilt for choice.

The nicotine refill strength is totally a personal preference and it totally depends on how many cigarette a smoker smokes in a day. A new customer usually starts with the strongest nicotine which makes it easier in adapting the electronic cigarette. One must not compare nicotine strength on the nicotine level of the cigarette. The absorption of the nicotine in electronic cigarette does not happen at the same rate. You cannot have it in one complete session. It is very difficult to convert to electronic cigarettes if a smoker has chosen the too low level of nicotine.

Most of the nicotine refill which the companies sell come in a Compliant Child Proof Bottle (CHIPB). This is safe from young children’s hands. Few companies go through rigorous testing and adhere to the best approved European standards for safety and security purposes.

Nicotine is potentially a lethal poison for everyone who uses it directly or indirectly. It is not necessary only having a chewing gum or a cigarette the nicotine is entering a human body. Even though the normal food that we eat nicotine enters our body and this is the kind of indirect source. In fields where crops are grown farmers use insecticides. Nicotine is present in these insecticides. Nicotine is the best source to kill insects. While having these crops a little portion of nicotine enters our body. When a smoker finds out that he is suffering from nausea and vomiting he should immediately stop further intake of nicotine, just to save his buy vape refill visit…





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